Business Advisory Services (China)

As the demand for professional advisory services in China is increasing dramatically, it provides us a huge number of opportunities. With extensive experience in local languages, cultural and business practices, our professional team possesses the skills and knowledge to provide the following services:

• Establishing China Operations • Accounting and Auditing • Tax Advisory • Corporate Finance • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Advisory • Recruitment • Trademark/Patent Registration • Others



Establishing China Operations

  • Introduction to China business requirements;
  • Feasibility studies for establishing Representative Office (RO), Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) and Joint Venture (JV);
  • Preparation of required documents for application;
  • Acquisition of various government approvals;
  • Management of business registration procedures with local authorities;
  • Renewal of business license;
  • Preparation and administration of payroll in compliance with local reporting requirements;
  • Record keeping payments, preparation and filing of statements in relation to social security and retirement scheme requirements

Accounting and Auditing

  • Implementation of accounting systems;
  • Maintenance of accounting books and records;
  • Preparation of annual and periodic accounts and financial reports;
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts;
  • Consultation on accounting methods as practiced in China; and
  • Retraining on International Accounting Standards and  computerised accounting systems for Mainland-based clients.

Tax Advisory

  • China tax compliance services;
  • China tax consultations;
  • China tax planning; and
  • Advising on the latest changes in taxation laws, rules, regulations  and practices.

Corporate Finance

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Advisory


  • Management of cross-border businesses.


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